Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Nile's 2 Month Checkup

Tuesday, February 17th

Nile had his two month checkup today. After dropping Em off at preschool we headed off to see Dr. B. As you can see from the pictures, Nile is having absolutely no problems putting on weight!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Life. In Pictures. ~The View From Your Front Door~

It is day 3 of Amber's photo challenge and today is a picture of the view from your front door. I enjoy the view from the front door, but I especially love our view from the back. Our house is surrounded by the Loess Hills on the east and south side. Out our front door you can see the neighbors evergreen nursery with rows and rows of mature evergreen trees. Those little house looking things behind all of the trees are little shanty type "huts". I am not really sure what they are or what they are used for, but they look kind of neat. Out our back door the view from our deck is the neighbors field, the Loess Hills and a small view of the Omaha skyline. You can not see it in the picture but to the left of where the picture cuts off you can see the First National and Woodman towers. I enjoy our peacefull view from all angles and look forward to spring when things turn a little more green and the farmers start planting their fields.



Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Life. In Pictures. ~Something On Your Table~

Day 2 of Amber's photo challenge is "Something On Your Table". This something on my table is not anything decorative or delicious. I like to call this 'cafeteria style'. When I really get into cleaning I like to put my chairs up on top of my table so I can get a real good sweep and scrub underneath. It makes it much easier to get the chairs out of the way and makes it feel like you are really getting something accomplished!! Also, the kids can not push the chairs over to the counter and get in to the's like a two for one special!! So as I was cleaning yesterday I decided this would be a good shot of what is on my table...proof that I actually attempt to clean, despite the usual conditions of my home...

Monday, March 30, 2009

My Life. In Pictures. ~Something New~

This week I am participating in Amber's photo challenge. Today the topic is something new. What could be a better "new" thing in my life than my little man. I just love him to pieces and I really can't get enough of him. He is sleeping in his swing right now as I type this and I actually miss him...he is just a few feet from me, but I want to be holding him. He is getting so big so fast and I wish I could slow that down just a little, but unfortunately that is not how it works. So I just continue to soak up every little bit of him that I can. He will be four months old next week.

Friday, March 27, 2009

**Blast From the Past**

That is Clara under there (three months old) ...complements of Emily.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Only In Iowa...

Sunday, February 15th

Only in Iowa can you be playing outside with no coats on one day and be making snow angels the next. Yes that's right...after a week of picnics, playgrounds, and riding bikes we were blessed with a very measurable snow fall. I understand that it is still winter, but I was kind of enjoying our nice weather. Okay, I will just say it, "Give me back my sixty degree days, this snow stinks!" There was one good thing that came out of the snow. Emily finally got to play outside and make a snow angel. She really had wanted to make a snowman but it just wasn't the right kind of snow. However, she still had a great time. Daddy had to get out the fourwheeler to scoop out the driveway and she got to ride along. She thought that was great fun! When they finished pushing the snow Emily got to run around and make snow angels. After all of the snow fun was over we all headed back inside for some yummy homemade hot chocolate. Although it was a lot of fun, I am not so secretly hoping that this is the last snow of the winter.

More Outdoor Fun...Enjoying Every Bit Of Nice Weather While We Can!

Tuesday, February 10th

Picnic, Park and Pizza

Saturday, February 7th

We have really been enjoying this nice weather in February. During a cold winter, it is quite a treat when it is nice enough to have a picnic and play in the park. So, we headed to town to the Glenwood Lake Park with our picnic basket full and a blanket. The girls were so excited to get to have a "picpic". It was a little chilly (we still needed jackets) but it was nice to again get a little fresh air. After lunch we walked over to the play area and the girls got to slide and run around. It will be a lot of fun this year because Clara is old enough to play on the playground and go down the slides (and I didn't see her try to eat one rock this time!!) We played for quite a while and the kids had a really fun time. I am looking forward to this summer and lots of trips to the park! When Dain got home later that afternoon, we decided to take the kids to the Amazing Pizza Machine. Emily has been talking about going to Chucky Cheese nonstop for about a month, so we decided to try the pizza machine because we had never been there and there is a lot more to do there. We had coupons for a free buffet, which ended up being a good thing because the food was not that good and we didn't eat that much. Actually, I got up from the table still hungry but didn't care to go back and look for something else. I think if we go again I will stick to the salad bar. Dain took the girls over the game area while I stayed back to feed Nile...he was getting quite hungry and wasn't going to have any fun playing games until he ate! We then headed over and joined the fam. The girls were having a good time already. Emily got to ride the frog hopper (which she talked about for days after) and the "roller coaster" (once with Daddy and once with Mommy). Clara was not quite tall enough to ride the bigger rides (maybe next time). They have a little kids area that the girls had a lot of fun playing in. There was a carousel horse and a few other little kids games to play also. All in all the "Pizza Washing Machine" (as Emily kept calling it) was a success. We had a really fun day packed with kid activities!!

Nile at the park

Clara getting off of the slide

Emily sliding

Emily riding the frog hopper

Dain and Emily on the roller coaster

Clara riding in an 18 wheeler

Clara on the carousel

Emily on the carousel

Nile happy after a fun day!

**Blast From the Past**

I came up with a new idea for a weekly post that I am starting today. Every Friday at Sunrise, Sunset and Everything In Between will be **Blast From the Past**. I will be posting either a story or a picture or both from something in the past years that I don't ever want to forget. Everyone always says that you are supposed to write the funny things down, so I decided to blog about anything that we don't want to forget. So, here is my first Blast From the Past....

When Emily was younger (actually they still do this) Dain and Emily would do "Spirit, All right". This actually started with Dain making fun of me for being a cheerleader in high school (with two girls he is doomed to years of cheer competitions, dance recitals, and basketball half time shows!!) He would always do spirit fingers and say "Spirit, All right" while making a funny face. Then when Emily was old enough he would toss her in the air (early preparationsperations of her being the flyer during stunting) and she started saying spirit all right. It became the name that Emily would call it when she wanted Dain to toss her in the air. She would say "I want to do spirit allright again". Fast forward about a year. Every night we always say a prayer with the kids before they go to bed (Emily calls this "saying Father") This particular night I thought it was time to show her how to sign the cross. I started showing her how to touch her head, heart and then side to side in order. Then I added in the words that go with it and had her repeat after me so that she could begin to memorize it. This is how that went:

Me: "Father"
Emily: "Father"
Me: "Son"
Emily: "Son"
Me: "Holy"
Emily: "Holy"
Me: "Spirit"
Emily: "All right"

Never laughed so hard and I thought Dain and I were going to pee our pants!!

Stay tuned for next Fridays Blast From the Past...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Some Much Needed Outdoor Play

Friday, February 6th

The weather is starting to get much nicer. After we got home from running a few errands we played outside for a bit. It was SO nice to get out and get a little fresh air. The girls were riding their bikes and we even got out the little golf set. They were so cute hitting the ball around the yard and they were actually doing a really good job. After they would hit it, Karl would run and get the ball. He wasn't very good about bringing it back though. Then it was time for a little sidewalk chalk. That was pretty short lived and Clara started putting it in her mouth so it was time to put that back. Nile was being so good during our outdoor play time. We had a nice time and it was good to finally get out of the house!!